Live, virtual training

NetBox Zero to Hero Live

NetBox Fundamentals Course

Join NetBox Labs on Wednesday, September 27 from 11am-3pm ET for an immersive live, virtual training, led by our experienced instructors. This half-day course is packed with value, offering participants the chance to familiarize themselves with NetBox by providing guided, hands-on experience with populating NetBox. This introductory course is designed to equip students with a fundamental understanding of NetBox’s core and modeling capabilities, enabling them to immediately apply these skills in their organizations upon course completion.

Registration is capped at 20 seats – register now to reserve your spot!

Fee: $400

Program Highlights

What will be covered?

  • Understanding and using the NetBox model
  • How to add data to NetBox with Config Context
  • Hands-on with Config Context

Who should attend?

  • Networking practitioners seeking to learn and leverage NetBox in their networks
  • Individuals with some exposure to NetBox looking to learn and leverage best practices
  • Practitioners seeking to advance their network automation strategies incorporating NetBox

What background do I need?

This course assumes basic knowledge of networking concepts but does not assume any existing familiarity with NetBox.

Course Instructors

Rick Donato

Rick Donato

Founder & Lead Instructor

Packet Coders


Rick Donato is the creator and founder of Packet Coders. He has a passion for networking and automation, along with a strong love of coffee!