NetBox Plugins

Extend NetBox’s functionality with new data models, integrations, and more

The NetBox Plugin Ecosystem

The NetBox community has built hundreds of plugins to expand on NetBox’s core functionality.  NetBox plugins enable you to document and model new kinds of resources, connect automations, add workflows, and much more.  While there are many more plugins available in the community, some of the most popular plugins are featured here.

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NetBox Community Plugins

NetBox Labs Certified

Plugins that NetBox Labs has certified as meeting criteria for quality, compatibility, and ongoing maintenance

NetBox Labs Support

NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise include commercial support for widely used Certified plugins

NetBox Labs Bounty

NetBox Labs sponsored a bounty for the successful development of this plugin.

Model & manage access lists, ACL interface assignments, and ACL rules

Model & manage BGP related resources like communities, sessions, routing policies, and IP prefix lists

Model & manage DNS resources like zones, records, name servers, and views


Graphical floorplan mapping for locations and sites

Forward Networks

Onboard and import data discovered and collected by Forward Enterprise

IP Fabric

Integration and data synchronization between IP Fabric and NetBox

Integrate NetBox Cloud or NetBox Enterprise with to automate and optimize how you source and manage your internet, WAN, voice, and colocation.

QR Code

Generate QR codes for racks, devices, and cables

Reorder Rack

Reorder rack units in NetBox using a drag and drop interface


Securely store secrets and attach them to objects in NetBox


Automatically discover your network with Slurp’it

Topology views

Create graphical topology maps from your devices and cabling in NetBox

Apply NIST-800-30 risk management principles to identify devices affected by known vulnerabilities and understand scope of risk


NetBox plugin for ITSM service mapping.


Netbox plugin for attaching files to any model.

Config Diff

Find diff between the rendered configuration for a device to its actual configuration, retrieved from the device itself, or stored in DataSource.


Adds Contract and Invoice models to NetBox, enabling registration of Contracts with objects and Invoices with Contracts.


Data Flows

Document Data Flows between devices and applications.


Model & manage documents related to circuits, devices, and other models

Interface Synchronization

Compare and synchronize interfaces between devices and device types in NetBox


Manage hardware inventory, both installed and in storage

View & manage DHCP leases from Kea DHCP servers within NetBox


Model & manage hardware EOL/EOS and related dates, licenses, and contract details

Generate IP & prefix lists for use by tools like Terraform, Ansible, Prometheus, Oxidized, and more


Enable NetBox to interact with live network devices using the NAPALM library

Prometheus SD

Populate Prometheus hosts for observability from NetBox devices, IP addresses, and VMs


Synchronize NetBox with Proxmox virtualization environments


Model & manage static and dynamic routes

SAML2 Auth

A Netbox plugin that can be used to integrate with a SAML SSO system, such as Okta


Validate compliance of network device configurations and perform pre- and post-configuration checks

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