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Wireless Links

A wireless link represents a connection between exactly two wireless interfaces. Unlike a wireless LAN, which permit an arbitrary number of client associations, wireless links are used to model point-to-point wireless connections.



Select two interfaces: One for side A and one for side B. (Both must be wireless interfaces.)


The operational status of the link. Options include:

  • Connected
  • Planned
  • Decommissioning


The service set identifier (SSID) for the wireless link (optional).

Authentication Type

The type of wireless authentication in use. Options include:

  • Open
  • WEP
  • WPA Personal (PSK)
  • WPA Enterprise

Authentication Cipher

The security cipher used to apply wireless authentication. Options include:

  • Auto (automatic)
  • TKIP
  • AES

Pre-Shared Key

The security key configured on each client to grant access to the secured wireless LAN. This applies only to certain authentication types.