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IP Addresses

An IP address object in NetBox comprises a single host address (either IPv4 or IPv6) and its subnet mask, and represents an IP address as configured on a network interface. IP addresses can be assigned to device and virtual machine interfaces, as well as to FHRP groups. Further, each device and virtual machine may have one of its interface IPs designated as its primary IP per address family (one for IPv4 and one for IPv6).


When primary IPs are set for both IPv4 and IPv6, NetBox will prefer IPv6. This can be changed by setting the PREFER_IPV4 configuration parameter.

Network Address Translation (NAT)

An IP address can be designated as the network address translation (NAT) inside IP address for exactly one other IP address. This is useful primarily to denote a translation between public and private IP addresses. This relationship is followed in both directions: For example, if is assigned as the inside IP for, will be displayed as the outside IP for


NetBox does not currently support tracking application-level NAT relationships (also called port address translation or PAT). This type of policy requires additional logic to model and cannot be fully represented by IP address alone.



The IPv4 or IPv6 address and mask, in CIDR notation (e.g.


The operational status of the IP address.


Additional statuses may be defined by setting ipam.IPAddress.status under the FIELD_CHOICES configuration parameter.


The functional role fulfilled by this IP address. Options include:

  • Loopback: Configured on a loopback interface
  • Secondary: One of multiple IP addresses configured on an interface
  • Anycast: Employed for anycast services
  • VIP: A general-purpose virtual IP address
  • VRRP: A virtual IP address managed with the VRRP protocol
  • HSRP: A virtual IP address managed with the HSRP protocol
  • GLBP: A virtual IP address managed with the GLBP protocol
  • CARP: A virtual IP address managed with the CARP protocol


Virtual IP addresses should be assigned to FHRP groups rather than to actual interfaces to accurately model their shared nature.


The Virtual Routing and Forwarding instance in which this IP address exists.


VRF assignment is optional. IP addresses with no VRF assigned are considered to exist in the "global" table.

DNS Name

A DNS A/AAAA record value associated with this IP address.