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Custom Field Choice Sets

Single- and multi-selection custom fields must define a set of valid choices from which the user may choose when defining the field value. These choices are defined as sets that may be reused among multiple custom fields.

A choice set must define a base choice set and/or a set of arbitrary extra choices.



The human-friendly name of the choice set.

Base Choices

The set of pre-defined choices to include. Available sets are listed below. This is an optional setting.

  • IATA airport codes
  • ISO 3166 - Two-letter country codes
  • UN/LOCODE - Five-character location identifiers

Extra Choices

A set of custom choices that will be appended to the base choice set (if any).

Order Alphabetically

If enabled, the choices list will be automatically ordered alphabetically. If disabled, choices will appear in the order in which they were defined.