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NetBox v3.4 introduced a new global search mechanism, which employs the extras.CachedValue model to store discrete field values from many models in a single table.


To enable search support for a model, declare and register a subclass of for it. Typically, this will be done within an app's module.

from import SearchIndex, register_search

class MyModelIndex(SearchIndex):
    model = MyModel
    fields = (
        ('name', 100),
        ('description', 500),
        ('comments', 5000),
    display_attrs = ('site', 'device', 'status', 'description')

A SearchIndex subclass defines both its model and a list of two-tuples specifying which model fields to be indexed and the weight (precedence) associated with each. Guidance on weight assignment for fields is provided below.

Field Weight Guidance

Weight Field Role Examples
50 Unique serialized attribute Device.asset_tag
60 Unique serialized attribute (per related object) Device.serial
100 Primary human identifier, Circuit.cid, Cable.label
110 Slug Site.slug
200 Secondary identifier ProviderAccount.account, DeviceType.part_number
300 Highly unique descriptive attribute CircuitTermination.xconnect_id, IPAddress.dns_name
500 Description Site.description
1000 Custom field default -
2000 Other discrete attribute CircuitTermination.port_speed
5000 Comment field Site.comments