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Data & Validation Parameters


Dynamic Configuration Parameter

This is a mapping of models to custom validators that have been defined locally to enforce custom validation logic. An example is provided below:

    "": [
            "name": {
                "min_length": 5,
                "max_length": 30
    "dim.device": [


Some static choice fields on models can be configured with custom values. This is done by defining FIELD_CHOICES as a dictionary mapping model fields to their choices. Each choice in the list must have a database value and a human-friendly label, and may optionally specify a color. (A list of available colors is provided below.)

The choices provided can either replace the stock choices provided by NetBox, or append to them. To replace the available choices, specify the app, model, and field name separated by dots. For example, the site model would be referenced as dcim.Site.status. To extend the available choices, append a plus sign to the end of this string (e.g. dcim.Site.status+).

For example, the following configuration would replace the default site status choices with the options Foo, Bar, and Baz:

    'dcim.Site.status': (
        ('foo', 'Foo', 'red'),
        ('bar', 'Bar', 'green'),
        ('baz', 'Baz', 'blue'),

Appending a plus sign to the field identifier would instead add these choices to the ones already offered:

    'dcim.Site.status+': (

The following model fields support configurable choices:

  • circuits.Circuit.status
  • dcim.Device.status
  • dcim.Location.status
  • dcim.Module.status
  • dcim.PowerFeed.status
  • dcim.Rack.status
  • dcim.Site.status
  • dcim.VirtualDeviceContext.status
  • extras.JournalEntry.kind
  • ipam.IPAddress.status
  • ipam.IPRange.status
  • ipam.Prefix.status
  • ipam.VLAN.status
  • virtualization.Cluster.status
  • virtualization.VirtualMachine.status
  • wireless.WirelessLAN.status

The following colors are supported:

  • blue
  • indigo
  • purple
  • pink
  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • teal
  • cyan
  • gray
  • black
  • white


Dynamic Configuration Parameter

This is a mapping of models to custom validators against which an object is evaluated immediately prior to its deletion. If validation fails, the object is not deleted. An example is provided below:

    "": [
            "status": {
                "eq": "decommissioning"