Automated, documented Data Center Information Management (DCIM)

Visibility and control across the entire enterprise

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NetBox Cloud is modern DCIM at scale – without the management overhead of NetBox.


Add, remove, and change infrastructure components mapped to your ideal state


Gain real-time views into your critical assets and their connectivity


Eliminate downtime associated with manual errors

Learn how Dartmouth College uses NetBox Cloud as its network source of truth

Dartmouth College’s networking team shares how they use NetBox Cloud at scale across their network.

  • The 80% reduction in tickets Dartmouth saw piloting NetBox
  • Best practices in scaling NetBox
  • NetBox Cloud’s role in Dartmouth’s IT vision (spoiler: more scale, less errors, and happier staff)

Benefits of NetBox Cloud for DCIM

View one complete picture

A documented, accurate view of every physical infrastructure component in your network

Create more value/ Focus team on value

Reduce help desk tickets and administrative duties of NetBox

Retain flexibility

Don’t get locked into proprietary tooling – NetBox’s well documented APIs allow seamless integration with many automation platforms.

Provision, without errors

Render full device configurations natively, without the need for other tools

What can NetBox Cloud document?

What Can NetBox Cloud Document?

Supported NetBox Cloud DCIM components include:

  • Sites

  • Racks

  • Hardware (rack-mounted devices)

  • Cabling

  • Modules (device-installable components)

  • Circuits

  • Wireless LANs, groups, and links

  • Power panels and feeds

Make network automation easier